Who are we?

The Java Script Army (JSA) is a Cohort of JavaScript and Engineering Specialists. (Taskforce) We focus on Tactical JavaScript projects and solutions for website, mobile, Apps, Apple, Android and Cloud Services.

  • Created out of parent VHITechlab, a known contributor, educator and influencer in the Open Source and JavaScript Community.
  • We solve problem's tactically, reinforce business engagements, and deliver JavaScript Projects at a savings.
How we engage Projects
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Bench/Ready Reserve Unit
  • Project Based
  • Co-Sourced
Our Team Census

65 Global JavaScript Projects + Customer Commercial Product Releases since 2016. 25 JavaScript Architects, Full Stack Developers, UI/UX Designers, db Analysts and Developers Expertise in 6 Full Stack JavaScript Frameworks

  • Angular.JS (Google Maintained)
  • Electron.JS (GitHub Maintained)
  • Vue.js (Independently Maintained)
  • Node.js (Chrome JavaScript Engine Based)
  • React.js and ReactNative (Facebook Maintained)
JavaScriptArmy Experience.
  • Strategic Problem Solving, Effective and Efficient Delivery
  • Engage or Rescue a project
  • Fast Ramp up time
  • Problem or Solution Engagements
  • JS Academy Training
Contact us for JavaScript Projects and Delivery with our arsenal of JavaScript framework project experience.

Reinforce your Project with our Standing JavaScript Army.
Respond quickly with our JavaScript Ready Reserve Unit (RRU)
JavaScript Application Support, Testing and Maintenance.

  • Client Industries

    Media & Communications, E-Commerce, Home-Improvement, Retail, Gaming, HealthCare, Clothing, Grocery, Entertainment, FINTech, Facilities Management, Retail-POS

  • Client Countries

    North America, Singapore, Dubai projects world-wide with Media & Communications,
    E-Commerce, Home- Improvement, Retail, Clothing, Grocery, Entertainment

Our Clients

  • Ford
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Tata Communication Ltd
  • Qube Cinimas
  • Real Image
  • Chrysalis
  • CrowdStream
  • TCL
  • Phygital Magazine
  • RedFlex
  • BuildOPs
  • DigitalXC
  • Smart car deals
  • Aquaconnect Blue
What Our Customers Say?
  • About Our Founder and CEO Sundar
  • Other Companies in our group

    • AjiraSoft

      Precision Software Delivery `Machine Learning, Big Data & Analytics, Consumer Tech, Functional Languages, DevOps

    • VHI Tech

      Translates client’s innovative ideas into a viable software products.

Contact Us
JavaScript Army - Chennai

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+91 99400 64728

JavaScript Army - Ca

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JavaScript Army - Tx

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